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Business Economics, B.S.

Our Bachelor’s degree program in Business Economics emphasizes the application of economic concepts and the use of critical analysis to solve economic and managerial problems. The degree is offered by our Finance Department.

Our curriculum

Our business economics undergraduate program curriculum offers excellent preparation for future managerial and staff positions in a variety of businesses and public organizations. Students must earn a minimum grade of C in each of the courses taken at SIU to satisfy the requirements for a Business Economics major. Students who desire professional careers as business and managerial economists are advised to complete one to four years of postgraduate study.


We offer business economics electives that allow you the flexibility to tailor your education by obtaining the diverse and advanced knowledge you need to successfully pursue your individual career goals. Explore the flexible options and electives available on the academic advisement page.

Advanced study

Our undergraduate business economics program prepares students for a variety of careers as well as for graduate studies in economics. It also provides a good base for those who want to go on to earn their Master of Business Administration degrees.

Program objectives for students

Our program provides undergraduate business economics graduates with a basic understanding of finance and economics concepts. Students earning their undergraduate degree should be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing within a business setting. Graduates should also be able to apply their finance and business economics knowledge to unstructured problems and to work well in a team environment and in a computer-based environment.