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Jeffery Reece

Director of Recruitment and Admissions

photo of Jeffery Reece

Rehn Hall, 133A
618| 453-3030

Jeffery Reece, a local native born and raised in southern Illinois, has literally grown up around the culture of being a Saluki. After a short stint living in St. Louis, Missouri where he worked in the field of Human Resources, he later decided to return to school to further his education and expand his horizons. For him, that was an easy choice; it would be Southern Illinois University Carbondale near his hometown. 

He has earned both his Bachelor’s degree in 2007 and Master’s in 2008 from SIU and currently is a PhD Candidate in the department of Workforce Education & Development. While attending business courses during his undergraduate program, he had the amazing life-changing opportunity to participate in the College of Business Study Abroad program in Europe offered by college every spring.

He has carved his niche developing online programs, teaching business courses, and enhancing his various human resource skills. While he was working for the SIU Off Campus Online Degree Program, he worked as training manager where he created all of the training materials used to train all incoming Graduate Assistants for stronger consistency among grading styles and enhance the learning process for students. He also received the Most Valuable Player award for training in the area of sales and leadership while working in a previous human resources job.

Reece was nominated and received the College of Education’s Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant of the year in 2011-2012. His research interests are in the areas of Diversity and also Social Media Recruitment in Human Resources.

He joined the college of business in 2014.

Nicholas Hoffman

Academic Outreach and Career Specialist

photo of Nick Hoffman

Rehn Hall, 133
618 | 453-3023

Nicholas G. Hoffman, Academic Outreach and Career Specialist for Graduate Programs for the College of Business, came to SIU from Rockford, IL. Formerly a Teaching Assistant for the College’s oMBA program, he also brings his expertise in data management, evaluation and program development to expanding the College’s career services to graduate students, providing advisement to current MBA graduate students, and overseeing the teaching assistantship experience for the online MBA program. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Applied Psychology.