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Foundation Requirements

To qualify for admission in the on-campus MBA program, students must have satisfied our business foundation requirements. These courses cover a broad array of subjects that prepare students to pursue a masters degree in business. Students with undergraduate business degrees from accredited programs have most likely completed the required business foundation courses. There are two ways to satisfy the foundation requirements. The traditional way is to complete the 31 credit hours of coursework by taking the 10 business core classes. Please see our foundation courses page for information on these courses.

The second option is to complete our new foundation workshops. There are four workshops, each covering a different subject area of the business core. They include: Finance, Accounting, MBA Foundations, and Excel/IS/Statistics. Students may take all four workshops, or any combination to satisfy the requirements they are missing. Those who have a bachelors degree in business, but would like to “brush-up” on their knowledge of the material may choose to enroll in any or all of the workshops as well. For additional information on the Foundation Workshops, please contact the College of Business Graduate Programs Office at or 618/453-3030.