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The Ph.D. program in Management at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale is a four year, full-time program that prepares students to be creative researchers and teachers for positions in colleges and universities in the US and internationally. The bulk of the coursework is completed in the first two years with continuing research and the dissertation during the last two years. The program provides students with a solid foundation in management, organizational behavior, and strategic management. Together with these research-based seminars, students may also be exposed to areas of entrepreneurship, organization theory, leadership and motivation, operations management, and social networks. A critical component of our doctoral program in Management also includes courses in statistics and research methods.

Students work very closely with faculty in Management. This relationship includes working on research projects that Management faculty are engaged in. Additionally, students will develop their own research questions and topics that in turn will evolve into projects involving faculty and perhaps other doctoral students as well. Typically, students will attend regional and national professional meetings during which they will present research projects. In general, students will have at least one published journal article prior to beginning their dissertation.

Faculty in Management are recognized for their research throughout the world. They have published in top-tier journals including Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Operations Management, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Business Research, Psychological Review, and Journal of Strategic Information Systems, to name but a few.

An integral part of our doctoral program includes students having primary responsibility for teaching at the undergraduate level. Students will learn teaching strategies and techniques as a teaching assistant working closely with a faculty member, and will continue in a mentoring relationship when they move to take primary responsibility for courses in (for example) principles of management, human resources, etc. during their second year in the program.

The Ph.D. program in the College of Business at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale is small with generally four students admitted every other year. This provides the students with opportunities to become knowledgeable researchers and effective classroom teachers while working with world renowned faculty leading to successful academic careers at colleges and universities. Listed below are a few examples of recent graduates from the Ph.D. Program in the Department of Management:

Class of 2017

Luke Voegel – Saginaw Valley State University
Carol Heitman-Lucy – Emporia State University

Class of 2016

Jake Voegel - Coastal Carolina University 
Dave Guggenheim - Berea College
Matt Peters - Lander University

Class of 2014

Amy Igou - University of Northern Iowa 
Uday Shinde - Governors State University

Class of 2013

Jennifer Franczak - University of New Hampshire 
Will Drover - University of Oklahoma 

Class of 2012

Brandon Soltwisch - University of Northern Colorado
Erlinda Yunus - PPM School of Management (Indonesia)

Class of 2011

Michael Hartmann - Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Andrew Setterstrom - Northern Illinois University

Class of 2010

Thomas Parker - University of Indianapolis 
Matthew Wood - Baylor University

Class of 2009

Ann Pearson - Southern Illinois University 
Bryan Stinchfield - Franklin and Marshall College

For more information about the Business Administration PhD in Management, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Peter Mykytyn, at 618/453-7885 or