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Management Concentration

The Ph.D. in Business Administration has three concentrations within the Department of Management:

  • Organizational Studies (OS)
  • Production Operations Management (POM)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)

The program prepares students for careers as creative researchers and teachers by providing thorough preparation in both the theory and practice of business administration with emphases in OS, POM, and MIS. The curriculum emphasizes and develops the rigorous analytical skills needed to make significant contributions in these fields. Doctoral students can work in many areas of current expertise of the faculty. These include the following: OS - organizational behavior, organization theory, strategic management, social networks, leadership, motivation, and organizational change; POM - operations strategy, quality management, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, and service operations; and MIS - group support systems, intelligent agents, human/computer interaction, MIS and the legal environment, and electronic commerce.

The objective of the Ph.D. in Business Administration is primarily to develop scholars with an ability to teach and conduct independent research in colleges and universities. Listed below are a few examples of recent graduates from the Ph.D. Program in the Department of Management and links to their faculty profiles at their current employers:

Class of 2014

Amy Igou - University of Northern Iowa 
Uday Shinde - Governors State University

Class of 2013

Jennifer Franczak - University of New Hampshire 
Will Drover - University of Oklahoma 

Class of 2012

Brandon Soltwisch - University of Northern Colorado
Erlinda Yunus - PPM School of Management (Indonesia)

Class of 2011

Michael Hartmann - Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Andrew Setterstrom - Northern Illinois University

Class of 2010

Thomas Parker - University of Indianapolis 
Matthew Wood - Baylor University

Class of 2009

Ann Pearson - Southern Illinois University 
Bryan Stinchfield - Franklin and Marshall College

For more information about the Business Administration PhD in Management, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. John Pearson, at 618/453-7802 or