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Swedish student builds on knowledge gained at SIU

February 05, 2009, Adam Casper

${image-alt} Emma Lundin

Ever have the problem of being called by the wrong first name? Well, Emma Lundin sure did during her early days at SIU.

Typically, old fashioned forgetfulness is the cause for this awkward moment between offender and the offended. However, this was not the source of Lundin’s frustrations. People simply didn’t know what to call the incoming Swedish business student. In Sweden it is not out of the ordinary for a person to have three first names, so Lundin’s student card and transcripts caused constant confusion. The faux pas didn’t upset Lundin, however, as she foresaw the potential problem. Said Lundin via E-mail, “…I knew going to USA that my name would be a problem, because I have three first names, we can have that in Sweden…”

Nevertheless, all of the attention quickly shifted to Lundin’s outstanding academic abilities. Lundin planned to study in the College of Business as an undergraduate student, with a focus in marketing. Lundin not only made excellent grades, she enjoyed her first semester at SIU so much she requested an extension for the spring semester. Her request was granted, and she continued to impress. Lynette Knowles, associate professor of marketing, recalled Lundin’s work ethic and constant involvement, “She was a very hard worker who always participated in class even though I gave no points for participation.” During her two semesters (fall 07’/spring 08’) within the College of Business, Lundin earned a 3.8 grade point average.

The experiences and successes at SIU, coupled with a three year education in Sweden, helped propel Lundin into real world success. Lundin currently works in a search marketing trainee position with Ikanobanken, a multinational financial firm in Sweden. When told this, Knowles admitted, “She was so bright and outgoing, her success is not at all a surprise.”

Along with sharpening her English skills, the people of SIU, namely the College of Business faculty, made up much of Lundin’s great experiences. Lundin recounted, “…my best memory is all the friends that I made and my teachers…”

The continuous praise she received from her College of Business professors stuck with her all the way to Sweden as well. She recalled, “That really made me grow as a person...made me feel more secured in myself and my knowledge.” And grow as a person she did. Despite her early troubles at SIU, Lundin earned academic success, friends, and a start to a great career far from Carbondale.

Said Knowles, “After 20 years in the teaching profession it is almost like a sixth sense to spot the truly motivated students…she always took initiative and was very down to earth.” Lundin truly represents what focus, dedication, and a SIU College of Business education can accomplish worldwide.

For the record, her full name is Helen Emma Margareta Lundin. Just remember, she goes by Emma.