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College of Business students return from Europe

August 21, 2009, Adam Casper

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A group of students from the Southern Illinois University College of Business had the amazing opportunity to study abroad this summer in Grenoble, France from May 18 to June 25.

Since 2003, Dr Suzanne Nasco, Associate Professor of Marketing and her husband Dennis, an instructor at the College have been taking groups of students for summer study abroad programs in Europe. Dr. Nasco commented, “Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to visit another culture, broaden perspective, earn confidence in a maturing experience, and maintain a business focus in an international setting. Oh, and it’s a ton of fun!”

The chance to go to another country and learn from a completely different perspective is a stirring prospect for those looking to improve their marketability. As Nasco put it, “Having the study abroad experience on your resume really gives a student something that sets them apart from other job candidates.” So, understandably, as the 28 students (24 undergraduate and 4 graduate), who were leaving with Nasco sat on their Air France plane in Chicago the excitement level was high.

The group arrived in Grenoble to a greeting of great weather and wonderful hospitality from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business staff. Gaël Fouillard, Business Development Manager, and Lisa-Jane Perraud, Project Manager of International Executive Education helped create the experience of a lifetime for the students. Although the classes were intense, the SIU College of Business students excelled at the top of their class academically, which pleased Nasco.

The students were able to explore France as they had four free days in Paris. One of the more exciting moments of the trip was when the group witnessed the engagement of marketing students Matthew Field and Amanda Hilderbrand at the base of the Eifel Tower. Nasco smiled, “Matt had the proposal planned out for a while. He faked a photo opportunity to get her in place…Amanda thought it was unusual that [Field]’s heart was beating so fast!”

The trip, overall, was a huge success for the group of Grenoble summer study abroad students. Top academic standings, new friends, good times, and happy fiancés later the group arrived back to the United States safely.