Marketing Department Associate Professor Leaves for Sabbatical

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Marketing Department Associate Professor Leaves for Sabbatical in Europe

August 21, 2009, Adam Casper

${image-alt} Suzanne Nasco

Southern Illinois University College of Business will have two talented representatives, Dr. Suzanne Nasco and Dennis Nasco, in Grenoble, France this semester. The husband and wife team will be teaching students at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business. Dr. Nasco is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the College, and Mr. Nasco lectures for undergraduate College of Business courses 123 and 302, as well as helping students in the Career Placement Center.

Their time in Grenoble will be from August 19 through December 29. The Nascos are familiar with Grenoble, as they annually take SIU students on a study abroad program every summer. The students earn SIU College of Business credit studying at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business.

Asked about her feelings before her departure Dr. Nasco responded, “I’m certainly very excited, yet nervous at the same time. I don’t speak French so that will make it interesting because I will be living in Grenoble for five months. But the opportunity to teach students at such a well respected University as Grenoble Graduate School is something I did not want to pass up.”

The Nascos will be accompanied by their two daughters, Julia and Sophia, who are nine and four years old, respectively. While Julia will be attending an International School where English is commonplace, Sophia will begin her learning career at an all French school. The family is excited to have their daughters go through such a great learning experience. Mr. Nasco joked with Sophia saying, “I’ll teach you to read if you teach me to speak French!”

While in Grenoble, Dr. Nasco will be teaching International Business, as well as Marketing Management at Grenoble. Mr. Nasco will be teaching an International Human Resources course.

Upon returning to Carbondale, Dr. Nasco said she wants to, “…come back with an enhanced teaching and classroom experience that will benefit my students [at SIU].”