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New tutoring resource available for business students

September 03, 2009, Adam Casper

There will be a new resource available for students with both majors and minors in the College of Business starting this Fall. The College of Business is excited to announce the opening of the Academic Success Center (ASC). The ASC will be centered on quantitative courses, like statistics and calculus. However, the overall goal of the ASC is to provide students with a resource for success regardless of subject matter. Donna Margolis, Assistant Dean and Director of the Career Placement Center, echoed this sentiment, “The Success Center is very much a boutique operation that can be customized to fit each and every student. Your starting point is our starting point.”

The ASC will be located in Rehn Hall room 10 and will have operating hours of 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. The room has been remodeled to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. There will be 12 desktop stations, as well as room for partitioned one-on-one learning spots with tutors. Matt Purdy, Assistant Director of the Career Placement Center, is excited at the prospect of students having a unique place to go for tutoring. Purdy gleaned, “This will be an excellent resource for students to come and learn. We are committed to helping students succeed.”

In fact, the Center will be utilizing a program called “MathXL” which has a wide variety of uses for students needing help in quantitative oriented classes. Additionally, the College has worked with the SIUC Math Department to designate “business” student sections of Math 107, Intermediate Algebra, and Math 108, College Algebra. These sections are going to be enhanced with MathXL. Through this enhancement, Business students will be able to correlate the work from their textbooks to exercises developed by MathXL. This will help develop a personalized study plan, which will aid in identifying problem areas for the student.

Jill Gebke, Director of Enrollment Management, shares her excitement with Margolis and Purdy. “The academic success center is just that, a place where Business students can go to receive academic assistance to be successful,” Gebke said. “Our goal for the center is for students to have access to a convenient, effective tutoring resource center, which in turn will assist in increasing student retention along the academic path to graduation.“

Furthermore, students will have the chance to call their newfound resource by a name they deem worthy. The Academic Success Center (ASC) will not be called by that name for very long as the College will soon be holding a competition for students. The competition will have students come up with the most creative, respectful name for the Center.

For more information contact Lisette Ortega-Vidal,, or Jill Gebke,, (618) 453-7487.