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Hofer to market the Fighting Irish

September 03, 2009, Adam Casper

A recent College of Business MBA graduate has landed a wonderful opportunity at Notre Dame University. Kali Hofer, from Buckley, Illinois, will begin her work as a Sports Promotion Assistant for the Fighting Irish this August.

Hofer earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing in May 2008, as well as her MBA from the College of Business in August 2009. Hofer began her journey as a student volunteer for the Saluki Athletic Department, where her hard work, consistency, and persistence helped convince Mark Gazdik, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing, that she was worthy of a bigger role. Gazdik remembered, “Kali’s drive, understanding of marketing and ability to successfully complete projects quickly earned her more responsibility.”

In fact, Gazdik was looking for any reason to appoint Kali to a higher position. That chance surfaced when a graduate assistant position became available. Gazdik jumped on the opening, “When I knew we would have a graduate assistantship open, I offered her the position right away. “

Not surprisingly, Hofer took on her newfound responsibilities as graduate assistant and made great strides in her ability to impress. Gazdik had nothing but praise for the job Hofer performed, “She again did a great job and improved many of the marketing functions she was responsible for by taking initiative and not being held back by limitations we might have on us. She did such a great job that I would hire her without hesitation for a full-time position if I were to every have one available.”

After a long search and hiring process, aided by Gazdik along the way, Hofer was offered the Fighting Irish job on June 3rd. Knowing she was about to graduate with her MBA in August, Hofer couldn’t have been more pleased to have a job waiting for her.

Obviously, Hofer did not wait to start gaining practical experience in the area she knew she loved. Said Hofer, “My biggest piece of advice is to not wait until you are a junior or a senior to get involved and fill your resume. College is for learning inside and outside of the classroom. Step outside your boundaries and try something new early.”

When asked about her duties as Sports Promotion Assistant, Hofer gleaned, “I have the responsibility of creating and implementing the marketing plans for volleyball and softball… I am also responsible for print ads, commercials, radio, and sometimes billboards for volleyball and softball. Also, I will assist with men’s basketball, football, and hockey.”

Hofer, not surprisingly, is excited to perform well and impress. Along with Gazdik, the College of Business played a big role in helping to shape Hofer into a quality candidate. Hofer, regarding the College’s faculty and resources, stated, “The College of Business prepared me as a student not only in terms of education, but in marketing myself as well. Every student should know how to do this, and the College of Business is a great resource.”

More specifically, Hofer praised the faculty and the Placement Center for their continuous assistance, “Professors, along with the placement center, are constantly pushing professionalism and to always have a resume ready, which is extremely important. More students should take advantage of the services offered through the College of Business while they still have the chance.”