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Johannah Yutzy hired by Homeland Security

September 16, 2009, Adam Casper

${image-alt} Johannah Yutzy

One College of Business alumna recently began working for the United States Department of Homeland Security in Springfield, Virginia, which is 20 miles from Washington, D.C.

Johannah Yutzy, who completed both her bachelor’s degree and MBA in Marketing at the College of Business, was recently hired on to the QinetiQ North America office, contracted by Homeland Security. Yutzy, a Plain City, Ohio native, came to Southern Illinois University in 2003 upon receiving a scholarship to play volleyball for the Salukis.

After originally looking in the Chicago job market, Yutzy ventured all the way to the nation’s capital to find a job she knew she would enjoy. After being in the DC area for just a few weeks, Yutzy was offered her new position as a Functional Analyst (aka Project Manager). Some of her responsibilities will include, “working closely with several teams analyzing to determine functional needs and cross-functional requirements for solution projects.”

When asked what she hopes to gain from the new job, Yutzy commented, “I hope to gain an extremely valuable experience and knowledge in project management.  Working for this company is giving me the opportunity to manage team projects which work extensively to develop technological solutions for the government and the port of entry for all security systems in the country. “

When asked about how she felt the College of Business prepared her for the job market, Yutzy commented, “SIU College of Business faculty do a great job encouraging students to have "hands on experience" which allows students like myself to develop the skill sets to adapt to different circumstances and accomplish tasks with what is provided.”

Along with the curriculum, Yutzy spoke of the ability to market, or brand herself in a positive manner as being another contributing factor for landing the job. Teaching students to ‘brand’ themselves is a major goal of the Career Placement Center, located inside the College. Yutzy spoke of the importance to set oneself apart, “Job applications are coming in by the hundreds sometimes. Having the ability to set myself apart from every other candidate that walks into that same interview or hands in their resume was crucial for the chances of me having any opportunity for the job.”

The College of Business is proud of Yutzy’s accomplishment, especially in a challenging job market. Her hiring is proof positive that self confidence, persistence, and a solid educational background can help land an exciting job. Yutzy summed up exactly what it takes for those about to enter the job market, “…it's the same thing we hear time and time again; know how to market yourself to the company or business.  Make employers understand that you are the best candidate for the job by highlighting your strengths and knowledge. Have confidence.”