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Finance student panelist for Senate debate

February 03, 2010, Amanda Weaver


Vincent Hardy, Finance '10

On February 2, 2010, senior finance major, Vincent Hardy, was contacted by Tyjuan Cratic, the Media Coordinator of the College Democrats’ student organization on campus, to sit on the student panel as part of the “Southern Debate,” which featured four out of the five Democratic candidates competing for the nomination in the Feb. 2 primary. Debate participants included Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman, Chicago Urban League CEO Cheryle R. Jackson, and attorney Jacob Meister.

Hardy who is from the south side of Chicago has participated in debates on campus before but never before on such a level. In order to prepare himself for the debate, he attended a couple of meetings with members of the College democrats; who coordinated the event along with David Yepsen, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. During these meetings they discussed and structured topics that they felt were important and should be brought up during the actual debate.

Hardy explained that during the actual debate, there were a series of questions asked. Four of the questions were asked by the two student panelists while the remainder was asked by David Yepsen, who was the moderator for the actual debate.

After the debate, Hardy stated, “I felt the debate was successful and substantive. There were a lot of good topics brought to the discussion and each candidate did a great job stating their platform as to why they should be elected. The observers in the audience as well as I felt that the overall quality or seriousness for the event was discounted because it was organized by students. It was a great event that brought a lot of positive attention to Southern Illinois University Carbondale.”

After college, Hardy plans on returning to the south side of Chicago where he will continue his education. As of right now, he is still in the process of deciding if he should get his Master in Business Administration or his Master in Public Administration.