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SIU students test their entrepreneurial skills

February 10, 2010, Amanda Weaver

${image-alt} Brad Miller, Michael Philip, and Josh Freeman

You may have seen the RoverCard on the SIU campus, but did you know that the RoverCard was created by SIU undergraduate students? Senior management student, Brad Miller, College of Business alum, Josh Freeman, who graduated in December of 2009, and senior information systems technologies student, Michael Philip came up with the idea of the RoverCard during the summer of 2009. The RoverCard currently offers exclusive deals to over 400 current cardholders from over 68 local businesses. The 68 participating businesses are located throughout Southern Illinois. The business vary in products or services offered, ranging from chiropractic offices to wineries.

Miller said the RoverCard is, “for the students, by the students.” It was created to help college students save money on their purchases through the RoverCard deals on their website,, and by the use of SMS text messaging, known as the “Rover Deal of the Day.” Miller says, “If students are going to go to these businesses anyway, they might as well get a RoverCard so they can save money.”

The “Rover Deal of the Day,” is a free SMS text message that is sent out once a day from Monday to Sunday. This is convenient for SIU students because most are attached to their cell phones. In addition, the RoverCard team has incorporated a weekly lottery into their texting system. Once a week, cardholders have a chance to win cash prizes of up to $50, free lunches, giveaways, etc. Further, to help out survivors of the Haiti earthquakes, RoverCard is currently running an initiative called the “RoverCard/710 Bookstore Haiti Relief Foundation” that will run until Monday Feb. 15. All of the money from RoverCard and 710 Bookstore purchases will be donated to the Haiti Relief Fund, Inc.

In the future, the founders of RoverCard would like to successfully establish the card in Carbondale and then bring it to other schools and markets in the future. Miller said they mentioned bringing RoverCard to the University of Missouri and the University of Illinois campuses next to begin establishing the businessat Big 12 and Big 10 schools.

RoverCard can be bought for $10 at and at 710 Bookstore. For additional information please feel free to check out or send an email to