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Registered Student Organization (RSO) recognized

April 22, 2010, Amanda Weaver

${image-alt} BLC members, Spring 2010

This year, the College of Business, Business Leadership Council was awarded, most improved RSO on Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s campus. The college would like to congratulate the members of the Business Leadership Council on their dedication, persistence, and hard work over the last year. The College of Business Student Council officially changed their name to the Business Leadership Council (BLC) in the fall of 2009. The organization is composed of representatives from each of the College of Business registered student organizations. The new name was a catalyst in creating a new identity that reinvigorated the culture of the organization. As the group began to change, some attrition occurred, resulting in a turnover of several officer positions during the fall semester.

Currently there are ten organizations within the BLC. They include the Accounting Society, Alpha Kappa Psi, American Marketing Association, Beta Alpha Psi, Blacks Interested in Business, Financial Management Association, Graduate Business Association, National Association of Black Accountants, Pi Sigma Epsilon, and Saluki CEO Corps.

Much of the change within the organization was encouraged by Donna Margolis, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in the College of Business. “We could not have transformed without her and her motivational talks she always gave us,” said Sarah Lipe, President of the BLC.

Margolis said, “The progress that has occurred since January 2010 is truly amazing! Essentially the group went from a “form over substance” operation to one in which true leadership was taking place. Some of the new initiatives this semester include: coordinating fundraising efforts among all College of Business RSO’s for the American Red Cross, earmarked for disaster relief in Haiti and Chile, utilizing Robert’s Rule of Order for conducting meetings, hosting a campus-wide kick ball tournament, and inviting business and academic leaders to speak at weekly meetings. As the advisor for the BLC, I am so very proud of the progress that the group has made this year.”

One of the other key initiatives for the BLC was their month of fundraising for earthquake victims in Haiti and Chile from March 15-April 15. This was an idea proposed by National Association of Black Accountants member Fresnel Houcande. The BLC held a bake sale at the beginning of the month to kick off the fundraiser and throughout the month, other RSO’s contributed through various philanthropic efforts. The BLC has collected the proceeds and will be writing a check for all the contributions from the College of Business to the American Red Cross for earthquake relief. They also set up a competition in each of the offices in the College of Business and the office that raised the most donations will receive a coffee party provided by Common Grounds Coffeehouse in Carbondale.

In addition, the BLC has been planning their Awards night which will be held May 5, at 6 pm at the Dunn-Richmond Center. There, they will be honoring students and staff for several different awards including the Outstanding Student Leader Award, Outstanding Student Organization, and RSO Community Service Event of the Year Award.

Lipe said, “I am ecstatic at how well the BLC did this year. We have been working so hard, especially the fantastic Executive Board members that I’ve worked with, and this is the perfect ending to a very productive year. I really feel the BLC deserves this award because we have changed in such amazingly positive ways. We could not have down it without Donna, who received the campus-wide Outstanding RSO Advisor Award from Student Development for her work with the BLC.”

The BLC’s main goal is to continue fulfilling their mission, which is to be the umbrella organization for all College of Business RSO’s, helping them coordinate events and learn from each other, while leading the way in professional development, leadership, and innovative ideas.