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Nasco appointed Director of MBA Programs

August 24, 2010, Whitney Schaefer

${image-alt} Dr. Suzanne Nasco is the new Director of MBA Programs

The College of Business is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Suzanne Nasco as the new Director of MBA Programs. This position is being reintroduced so that the expanding program can advance successfully. Nasco will oversee the on-campus MBA as well as the online degree program.

Arriving at SIUC in 2002, Nasco joined the College as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing. She was honored with the Faculty Scholar Award in 2005 and an Outstanding Quality in Research Award in 2003. Nasco has also been nominated for either Outstanding Undergraduate or Graduate Teacher of the Year every year since 2004. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 2008.

Nasco has developed many smaller objectives that support the overall goal of improving the programs. They include creating placement opportunities for MBA graduates, supporting faculty with curriculum development and improvement, and removing enrollment obstacles for non-business undergraduates. “Those students would take their basic business courses in an intense 2-3 week period as compared to a year,” said Nasco. This would cut down on time spent earning a degree, making it more appealing to potential non-business MBA students.

Before the promotion when she was teaching both the on-campus and online courses, Nasco was not afraid to voice her opinions on how to better the programs. Dennis Cradit, the Dean of the College of Business, appointed Nasco to Director saying, “I am impressed with her views and ideas for the future of the program, as well as her long-standing commitment to the College. I am confident that, with the cooperation of the graduate faculty, Dr. Nasco will provide strong and effective leadership.”