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New advisors complete Academic Advising staff

September 28, 2010, Whitney Schaefer

${image-alt} Darla Huff and Patricia Martens
The College of Business welcomes new academic advisors Darla Huff and Patricia Martens as they join the Academic Advising Office. The positions had been open for almost a year due to the two previous advisors leaving for retirement and medical disability.

Darla Huff from Baton Rouge, Louisiana received both her bachelor’s degree in Sport Communication and MBA from Mississippi State University. While getting her MBA, Huff worked as a graduate assistant doing academic advising for student athletes. From that experience, she realized she wanted stay affiliated with a university. “I enjoy the atmosphere of college campuses and working with the students to make their experience enjoyable by offering them as much as possible,” said Huff. She currently resides in Herrin, IL with her husband, Jonathan, and 2 dogs.

Patricia Martens is a familiar face around the College of Business Academic Advising Office. Having worked the past two years as the administrative assistant, Martens is now an academic advisor. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Workforce Education at SIUC, and is currently pursuing a second master’s degree. Her favorite part of her new position is helping the students, especially ones enrolled in the online programs. “I can identify with the nontraditional students that are similar to myself, the ones that hold a full-time job while advancing their education,” said Martens.

Donna Margolis, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, chaired the Academic Advisor Selection Committee. “The advisor hires will provide the necessary resources for the advisement staff to effectively fill the student service mission of the College – to provide a transformational student,” said Margolis.