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Student balances school, work, and horses

October 05, 2010, Whitney Schaefer

${image-alt} Marketing student, Corey Hatfield (left) stands with his winning miniature horse.

During his past three years at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, undergraduate student Corey Hatfield has had a busy schedule. On top of taking classes, he manages his time so that he can work with miniature horses and gain marketing experience at Kraft Foods, Inc.

The senior from Red Bud, Illinois started training miniature horses locally at age 19 on family-owned Sugar Lake Farm & Training Center. He now has clients from multiple states, including Iowa, Kentucky, and California, and has a booked schedule until 2012.

In addition to training, he exhibits those horses at local and national shows, and also works as a steward, interpreting and enforcing association rules. He is one of the youngest licensed stewards, having passed rigorous tests and continues to uphold the strict list of requirements.

Even though this is his hobby, Corey still manages to apply his marketing education to officer positions in miniature horse organizations. As Head of Marketing for the Show Me Little Equine Club, he puts on shows in central and southern Illinois and all of Missouri. For the American Shetland and Pony Club, he heads the Breed Promotion committee and started a Facebook page for miniature horses that has over 2,500 fans from all over the world.

With all of the success Corey has had in the miniature horse world, he would like to keep it as a hobby and pursue a career with Kraft Foods. While going to school full-time, Corey holds a position as a Merchandiser, and has worked his way up to Retail Operations Trainer. “I have a lot of pride for my company and want to continue to help it succeed,” he said.

Associate Professor of Marketing, Dr. Lynette Knowles, speaks highly of her student saying, “Corey is hard-working in his academics and employment, which will only further his understanding of the business world in general. Given his well-developed interpersonal skills and his down-to-earth personality, Corey will make a very good addition to the corporate setting after graduation.”

All of the accomplishments Corey has had can be compared with the recent change of his family farm logo. It now includes the slogan, “How Tomorrow Moves.” “I made it that way because I am always looking towards the future,” he said. His mentality has paid off, and he has many successes to show for it.