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CoB alumnus reaches out to students

October 06, 2010, Whitney Schaefer

${image-alt} College of Business alumnus Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is an excellent example of an active alumnus. Always eager to get involved with his alma mater, Rose helps SIU Business students prepare themselves for the future.

Rose offers internships at his business, Alliance Investment Planning Group, to students interested in becoming a financial advisor. Having done internships while he was earning his undergraduate degree, he wanted to provide students with that opportunity as well. His interns gain valuable experience by writing financial plans and researching investments. Past interns have written guest posts on his blog, Good Financial Cents, that relate to their work at his firm.

Another way Rose helps students is by educating them on the importance of utilizing social media. He speaks to classrooms about how it can be a way for students to market themselves. He tells students that one way to separate themselves from the crowd is by writing a blog focusing on their major. “I am a firm believer that the new resume is a blog,” said Rose. “Readers learn about the student’s perspective on issues, and it forces the student to research and learn more on the topic because they are putting themselves out there.”

Rose gives advice from his personal experience. Since starting his blog, he has received increased business as well as media attention from CNBC. He has also been writing a book titled Soldier of Finance, where he teaches readers how to take charge of their finances. Along with speaking to organizations and conducting mock interviews, Rose wants to pass on what he has learned to SIUC Business students to help them succeed.