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CoB introduces Online Undergraduate Completion Program

November 01, 2010, Whitney Schaefer

The College of Business Online Undergraduate Completion Program will launch in January 2011. It is designed for students who have completed their general and core coursework requirements. This program accommodates students transferring from community college or universities who want to complete their bachelor’s degree. Upon completion, graduates will earn a bachelor’s degree of Business Administration.

The program consists of 60 credit-hours of coursework. It will be broken up into 10 “content areas,” having two thematically-related, 3 credit hour courses each. The program typically should take 24 months to complete, consisting of six academic periods. The program is 100% online, but professors may elect to have proctored examinations.

Students enrolled in the program will have the flexibility of completing the coursework on their own time, while also having the structure of the class itself. Even though all the work is done online, students will still be able to interact with the professor and fellow students. Courses could include Flash-based videos, collaboration on group-based team projects, participation in threaded discussion groups, online assessment exercises, and online guest lecturers.

In order to qualify for the program, students must have at least completed 60 credit hours, which include the prerequisites required by the College of Business and the University Core Curriculum. Tuition rates for the program are the same as traditional, on-campus programs.

This marks the second online degree program for the College.  Dennis Cradit, Dean of the College of Business, is proud to offer this new program saying, “This is a cutting-edge online program that allows students to complete their undergraduate business degree without sacrificing commitments that prevent them from coming to campus.”