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Garnett earns Risk Management Certification

December 15, 2010, Meredith Thomas


The College of Business would like to congratulate Business Manager Shari Garnett for passing all qualifications to earn the designation of Certified Risk Manager. 

Garnett has been at SIU for 18 years, and joined the College in January 2010.  Before joining the College, she worked in the Office of Risk Management for 4 years and the Internal Audit Office for 6.5 years.

When asked about the accomplishment, Garnett replied, “My earning the Certified Risk Manager designation brings me a sense of accomplishment in having completed five rigorous courses and passed five exams in order to complete the certification requirements.  The knowledge gained through this certification will enable me to better serve the College.”

To complete the certification, Garnett had to complete five training sessions, located at various locations across the country.  The sessions involve two days of intensive presentations, hours of studying the materials and an exam at the end to conclude the training component.  The areas include the practice of risk management, control of risk, financing of risk, analysis of risk, and principles of risk management. 

As a Certified Risk Manager, Garnett says she can now better serve the College by, “helping protect the assets and reputation by identifying, analyzing and minimizing the risks associated with the programs and services we offer.” To remain certified, she will have to complete annual continuing education requirements.  For more information about becoming a Certified Risk Manager, visit