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SIU Synergetics: Where Innovation Meets Sustainable Development

February 23, 2011, Steve Belletire


An event unique to the region, yet linked to the future of people everywhere, will be occurring April 7-8 at the SIU Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center. 150 E. Pleasant Hill Road, Carbondale, IL 62901

This symposium fuses two key trends driving the future of life on planet earth: Innovation and Sustainable Development. Balancing economic growth with the intelligent use of earth’s limited resources is rapidly becoming a primary goal for companies who develop our countless products, systems, and services.

This event is framed under an arc of precepts by legendary SIU Design Professor, philosopher, architect, and inventor, R. Buckminster Fuller. (SIU 1959-1971) Fuller believed we needed to “do more with less’” as we strive to “meet the needs of 100% humanity while creating no ecologic offense toward anyone.” Fuller’s works and visions included new structures and systems that optimized material use and their strength and included the advancement of electronic technologies that helped share knowledge worldwide. As we enter this new decade, the world has finally caught up with Bucky’s ground-breaking work and vision.

The April 7-8 symposium will bring together experts in creative innovation, sustainable design strategies, and ways to integrate them into development teams and business plans. New product and system development team members engaged in product design, interiors/architecture design, and technology systems design will benefit from participation. In addition to learning about the latest tools, methods, and strategies, participants will apply these during hands-on team breakout sessions.

Day 1 will feature innovation, creativity, and sustainable design strategies and methods, while day 2 will feature team and business integration of these. Both days will include team breakout sessions using benchmark examples in three areas of focus.

Content will be presented by experts from Herman Miller, Steelcase, Colgate Palmolive, SIU’s design faculty, plus Tony Pugh-former SIU Design faculty and Bucky protégé’, Bill Perk-SIU Design Professor Emeritus, and Thomas Zung, Bucky’s former architectural design firm partner, plus others.

Registration is limited, but very affordable at only a $125 for both days, including most meals. For registration, sponsor information, a detailed agenda, presenter profiles, plus special activities planned visit:

For direct access to symposium planners for article interviews or to coordinate media access during the event please contact: Ms. Jenni Janssen, Assistant Director, SIU Center for Innovation, (618) 453-7788,