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Alumnus shares Las Vegas marketing experiences

March 01, 2011, Whitney Schaefer

${image-alt} College of Business alumnus, Shawn Rorick, speaks to students in Dr. Mavis Adjei's Retail Management class about recent marketing topics and advice for the future.

Hailing from the exciting city of Las Vegas, SIU College of Business alumnus Shawn Rorick stopped by Carbondale on February 10 and 11 to meet with marketing faculty and students. He spoke to registered student organizations Alpha Kappa Psi and the American Marketing Association, as well as Dr. Mavis Adjei’s Retail Management class.

Rorick graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1993 with a degree in aviation and again in 1996 with degrees in marketing and management. After earning his business degrees, he moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career.

Since his relocation, he has held many dynamic positions including: Director of Marketing for Cirque du Soleil, Marketing and Acquisition Manager for Cox Interactive, Director of Internet Marketing and Operations for MGM Resorts, and most recently, Executive Director of Interactive Marketing for Wynn Resort. He has since left the corporate world to focus more on education and writing projects, including his book, Emerging Marketer, while acting as a New Media Strategist for media consulting, project management, and research and training in the field of marketing.

Rorick founded the Las Vegas Interactive Marketing Association and resides as chairman. The organization brings in speakers and allows members to network and learn from others. “It’s a way for members to share information and foster new media activity in Las Vegas,” Rorick said.

While on campus, Rorick educated students about e-commerce (the selling of products on electronic systems). He highlighted facts about today’s consumers, while predicting emerging and digital media evolution. He also gave graduating seniors advice for preparing for the future. He stressed that students should find their passion. “If you enjoy what you’re doing, you never have to work a day in your life,” he said. He tells students that today it’s okay to change jobs to gain experience while in their twenties, but to stay focused on more stability and specialization in their thirties.

Rorick’s passion for digital media shined through when he spoke to students. He possesses the dedication and enthusiasm it takes to be in the new media space. “I enjoy being innovative and want to create, not just maintain.”