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College of Business Alum named 2011 "40 Under 40"

August 21, 2011, Nicole Trainor


Julio Barrenzuela of Springfield, Illinois, was recently selected as Springfield's 40 leaders under the age of 40. Based on his contributions to the local business community and the surrounding areas, he was chosen from a list of more than 170 nominations to receive this honor.

After graduating from Southern Illinois University in May 2008, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, Julio noticed an opportunity in the market for a non-traditional form of motivational presenting by way of Salsa dancing. Julio attributes some of his success back to the marketing courses he took while attending SIU, because of the valuable skills he learned, that he uses on a daily bases.

Julio's main goal for Salsa 29 is to promote the value of, "Health, Education, and Culture" as it relates to living a lifestyle that is consistent with those principles, as well as, developing an individual's maximum social-development. Julio states, "I want to focus on expanding peoples' comfort zones and addressing the tendency to shy away from things we are unfamiliar with. I love that I am able to really affect peoples' lives and that they are thankful for what I do."

We asked Julio what advice he would give to current College of Business Students and he stated,

"My advice would be to have a purpose driven life.... It is too easy to just study for a major and look for a job that's asking for that degree. Another thing is to study with the intent of being the solution to that industry's be studying an innovative combination of this and that (something that has never been).... Business leaders will pursue you, and try to snatch you up before you become their competition. Even if you never intend to start your own business--if you give off that impression you will be seen on a different level."

Read more about Julio and Salsa 29 on the College of Business website: /news/2011/032202