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Marketing Senior Wins 2011 Collegiate Camp CEO Contest

October 05, 2011, Nicole Trainor

${image-alt} Bryce Morrison, marketing senior, is the winner of the 2011 Collegiate Camp CEO-Saluki Operation Bootstrap.

Marketing senior, Bryce Morrison, recently won the 2011 Collegiate Camp CEO-Saluki Operation Bootstrap. The weeklong competition challenged 20 participants to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into working business plans. Each contestant received training throughout the week to start a business, and the competition concluded on the final day with a five minute pitch to a panel of judges. Morrison walked away victorious, with the promise of $7,500 in seed capital and $2,500 in consulting services, software and books.

When asked what set him apart from the other participants, Morrison replied, “There were a lot of great ideas, but I think feasibility gave me the edge. We have the ability to move forward with a small amount of seed capital and contribute to southern Illinois with what we have now.“

The business, under working title “OrderAce,” will begin with 'phase 1,’ during which they will work with participating local bar owners to put QR codes directly on the tables. Customers can then use their smartphones to download the OrderAce application, which they will use to scan the code and place their drink order. When this is used, the first time the customer will see the server is when the order is delivered to the table. The application will work with both Apple and Android software.

The customers’ credit card information can be stored in the OrderAce application for an easier, more secure way of paying for food and or drinks. According to Morrison, “67% of non-internet credit card fraud happens in restaurants and bars. OrderAce can handle the full transaction from start to finish making it much safer than handing over your card to the waiter to go run the transaction elsewhere.”

Morrison also addressed the issue of staffing, and how his new system would affect the number of people working at a given time. Morrison and his silent partners have done research and found that in Carbondale bars, average tickets equal $15 per ticket and $17 including gratuity. The bars average 40 tickets per day. Morrison estimates that OrderAce will improve sales by a minimum of 10%, through increased efficiency. This will equal approximately $150 more in profit per day. That said, OrderAce should not affect staffing needs. More staffing may be needed to accommodate the increases in business. “We’re not taking over the world, it’s just a little bit of an enhancement,” Morrison said.

Bryce expects to begin beta testing the application at various Carbondale bars in January 2012. Once the application is up and running Bryce hopes to lead into Phase 2 & 3, during which OrderAce will be introduced in restaurants and larger venues like ball parks, stadiums, and arenas. This would allow spectators to order a hotdog or beer from their seat, without the hassle of fighting long lines or missing important parts of the game.

Bryce is currently open to investors, and upon graduation he plans on spending most of his time travelling to promote OrderAce. He hopes to be able to expand to more metropolitan areas such as St. Louis and Chicago. Be on the lookout for OrderAce to be up in running in participating Carbondale bars sometime during the spring 2012 semester.