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Academic advisor spends time in Brazil

January 30, 2012, Nicole Trainor

${image-alt} Darla Huff (center) with new friends in Brazil.​

​College of Business academic advisor, Darla Huff, recently took a ten-week hiatus from advising duties for an adventure in Uberlandia, Brazil. She traveled with her husband Jonathan, who was assigned a sabbatical for his company, Dow AgriSciences. Uberlandia is located in South Central Brazil. However, they were able to travel to other areas of the country including Campinas, Caldas Novas, Sao Paulo, Ubatuba, and to enjoy many of Brazil’s breathtaking rural landscapes.

Throughout her trip, Huff encountered many unforgettable experiences. Her Brazilian girlfriends taught her how to Samba, a Brazilian dance. She learned that she loved the taste of fresh coconut water and cashew juice, that it was possible to be on a beach and be surrounded by mountains at the same time, and that lizards are your friends, no matter their size. Huff was also given the opportunity to volunteer handing out Christmas gifts at Casa do Menor Nova Canaa, a nonprofit program for children ages 5 to 13. This was an experience she found to be especially rewarding.

"This trip to Brazil was my first time out of the country. It has probably been the most eye-opening experience I have ever been able to take part in. Brazilians are the most genuine and hospitable people I have ever met. Helping others and open acceptance is such a huge part of their culture, and it made me realize that we, as Americans, can really learn something from them: sit back, relax, and enjoy actually living your life." stated Huff.

Huff has been with the College of Business since September 2010. She came to SIU from Mississippi State University, where she received both her bachelor's degree in Sports Communication and her MBA.

"If I could tell our students one thing it would be, "If you have never traveled to another country, do it at least once, and do it soon. It will show you things you didn't know about yourself; it will make you appreciate the value of experiencing different cultures; and it will definitely show you how fortunate you are to live in the great U. S. of A." said Huff.