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Building Career Fair Success Seminar

February 15, 2012, Nicole Trainor


The College of Business and the Business Placement Center recently held a “Building Career Fair Success Seminar” to help students prepare for the All-Majors Career Fair. The fun and informative seminar provided answers to students' questions and gave them the confidence to excel at the Spring All-Majors Career Fair on Feb. 22.

“The Career Fair Success Workshop was designed to offer practical advice to help students stand out among their peers. We focused on preparing our students for the career fair, offered dress advice, taught them what to say to employers, following up after the career fair, and most importantly, how to stay at the top of the employers' minds. This has been one of the most popular seminars that the Business Placement Center offers,” stated Matt Purdy, Associate Director of Career Services.

The seminar discussed the steps students should take before, during and after the career fair to maximize their chances of landing an internship or job. If you have any questions about future career fair success workshops or the Spring All-Major Career Fair, please contact the Business Placement Center at 453-2603.