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5 reasons to go to the career fair

February 21, 2012, Nicole Trainor

${image-alt} A recruitor speaks with a College of Business student.

The Spring 2012 Career Fair will take place on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 in the SIU Student Center Ballrooms. Students will be able to interact with various employers from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.  The College of Business has put together five reasons why you should attend.

5 reasons to visit the Career Fair

# 5 Get used to the scenery. It is important to attend a career fair even if you are not looking for a job or internship. The more career fairs you visit the more comfortable and confident you will become. Then, when it comes time to find a job or internship you will know what to expect. Career fairs also introduce you to the realities of the job search and help you better understand all it takes to get a job. They also will give you a chance to practice the art of follow-up. For example, you want to send thank you emails to recruiters and connect with them through LinkedIn as a way of staying in touch with the organizations that interest you.

# 4 The professional you. 
This is your chance to get out of the college attire and into something more professional. Dressing the part will help you feel confident when speaking to potential employers. Career fairs are a great excuse to dust off your resume and practice a good handshake. A good handshake is firm, accompanied by eye contact and a friendly smile. With so many pieces of the application process happening online, it's nice to have some quality one-on-one or small group time with organizations.

# 3 Potential career opportunities.
Organizations are recruiting for both full-time jobs and internships at career fairs. This is a great time to learn about what each organization is looking for in their employees and meet employers from organizations that interest you, including some you may have never heard of before. Be sure to check out the list of companies that will be present at the career fair and research each organization to plan with whom you might like to speak.

# 2 Networking!
Remember: Your network is your net worth. The fair provides outstanding networking opportunities. You'll meet people who work with organizations that interest you and hear the reasons why their company might be a great place for you to work. You will also be able to collect informational materials from organizations and ask questions like "What are you looking for in a successful candidate for this position?" You never know what relationships you will cultivate and how they may help you down the road.

# 1 Land an internship or a job.
This may be the only reason you need. So, put on your best professional attire, print your resumes and go knock ‘em dead.

For more information about the career fair or how to prepare, stop by the Business Placement Center in Rehn Hall or call 453-2603.