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New online classes to be offered this summer

March 06, 2012, Nicole Trainor


The College of Business will be offering online classes to all business students, both on and off-campus this summer. Fourteen of the college’s core required courses will be offered throughout the summer. Each course will be 100 percent online, except for course exams, which will be taken in a lab for on-campus students and remotely for off-campus students.

Ann Pearson, Online Undergraduate Program Coordinator, talks about the benefits our students will receive from the additional courses. “The online courses offer flexibility within a structured format so even though students are busy over the summer, they can move steadily forward toward their degree. The course activities will keep them engaged and challenged. The courses are team-delivered so there is well-rounded support for students even though they are away from campus.”

“We are trying to do a couple of things by offering our online classes to our residential students this summer,” states Allan Karnes, associate dean of the College of Business. “First, we are trying to stretch our summer budget as far as possible so that more offerings can be available to our students during the summer semester.  Second, we would like our students who go home, work full time, or have an internship in the summer to be able to take summer courses from us. By utilizing the online format, students can take the class from Springfield, Chicago or wherever they spend the summer.”

The first session of eight-week classes will run from May 7th until June 29th. Marketing 305 will be the only course offered during this session.  The second session of classes will begin a week later on May 14th and run through July 6th. Classes being offered at this time will include:  Accounting 220, Finance 270, Finance 350, Management 304, Management 341, and Marketing 336. The final session of classes will begin of June 6th and run until August 3rd. Classes offered at this time will include:  Finance 331, Management 202, Management 208, Management 318, Management 345, Management 350, Management 385, and Marketing 435.

For course and registration information contact the College of Business Advisement Office at 618-536-4431, or stop by the Undergraduate Advisement Office in Rehn Hall.