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Minority Student Leadership Conference set for Mar. 29

March 07, 2012, Nicole Trainor

${image-alt} Joshua Fredenburg and Mike Glenn​

With hopes to build on the success of last year’s inaugural Minority Student Leadership Conference, the College of Business Office of Minority Affairs will be hosting their second conference on Thursday, March 29 from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.
The theme of the conference is “Empowering Minds for 2030.” Along with the Office of Minority Affairs, organizations in charge of coordinating this year’s event are the Southern Illinois University Collegiate Chapter of the NAACP and registered student organization Blacks Interested in Business.

The entire student body is invited to attend the conference. There is no cost for students to attend. Early registration is open until March 9, but registration will remain open until March 27.

“This event is a full day of empowerment, enrichment and celebration of minority people. It is geared toward students and honoring their accomplishments along with honoring the achievements of others who have gone before them,” said Michael Haywood, director of the College’s Office of Minority Affairs and academic adviser for  Blacks Interested in Business.

“The goals of the MSLC are to provide key information that will help students advance in their academic and professional careers, including but not limited to leadership skills, decision making, dealing with stereotyping, resiliency, and personal goal setting. The MSLC will also give students the opportunity to interact with former Blacks Interested in Business members and colleagues from a variety of business entities.” Haywood said.

The workshop topics cover a wide range of themes, including confidence in public speaking, “what employers look for”, conflict management, personal goal setting, relationships, prioritizing, and many more.

The conference will have two keynote speakers presenting at each meal. Joshua Fredenburg, a world renowned leadership and inspirational speaker will be addressing students during breakfast, and Mike Glenn, a Saluki Hall of Famer basketball player and NBA player for the New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks, will be speaking during lunch.

Five awards will also be presented during the MSLC conference. They are as follows:

Most Improved RSO Award – This award recognizes noteworthy improvement made by a RSO over the past year.

Outstanding Community Service Award – This award recognizes a RSO that initiated, implemented, or participated in a community service event that benefited SIUC, a non-profit organization, and/or the community.

Outstanding Program/Event Award – This award recognizes a RSO for a specific program or event that was beneficial to SIUC and/or the community.

Outstanding RSO Officer Award – This award recognizes the outstanding contributions made by an RSO officer.

Outstanding Student Leader Award – This award recognizes a student who has shown tremendous leadership qualities over the past year.

For more information about the 2012 Minority Student Leadership Conference or to register, visit the website www.mslc.siuc.edu or call 618/453-7498. You may also contact the College of Business Office of Minority Affairs office at cbarec@business.siu.edu, Michael Haywood at haywood@business.siu.edu, Genesha Pender at neshapender2012@siu.edu, or Amorkor Badger at amorkor.badger@siu.edu.