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Externship Series: Kelly Kresin, DC Interactive Group

March 29, 2012

${image-alt} Kelly Kresin

Marketing senior Kelly Kresin recently partnered with DC Interactive Group (DCIG) to participate in a week-long externship administered by the SIU Alumni Association and the College of Business. Externships provide students with valuable work experience during their spring break week and are a great way for students to enhance their resumes.

During her time at DCIG, Kresin gained experience in writing blog posts for the company itself and for medical field clients of theirs. Kresin was also in charge of scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts with the social media tool Hootsuite. She created monthly reports for DCIG’s clientele using data compiled from Hootsuite, Facebook Insights, and Google Analytics. Finally, Kresin was also able to sit in on several conference calls, where she was able to listen to conversations between DCIG and their clients and programmers. 

Kresin was excited to talk about why she would recommend the externship program to any business student. “Externships are a great opportunity for students to figure out what they like to do and what they don't like to do, realize new skills and strengths they possess, and discover new fields of business. Personally for me, my externship with DCIG confirmed that I am pursing the right career,” states Kresin. “I also brought back new knowledge about internet tools that I will be able to use here in class and in my future career.” 

After graduation, Kresin hopes to obtain a career working in interactive marketing, with DCIG or another larger marketing agency. However, she would like to continue her education and earn her Masters of Business Administration degree before heading into the work force. Kresin plans to begin working on her MBA at SIU this summer, upon completing her bachelors in marketing this May.