Management students establish a scholarship for local high school

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Management students establish a scholarship for local high school

April 05, 2012, Nicole Trainor

${image-alt} Pictured above: James Combs, John Clark, Alex Baine, Josh Lindberg, Max Wolf, Crosby Wright, and Payton Thompson

College of Business students, Alex Baine (Management, 2013) and Lane Dillard (Management, 2013) along with six of their friends teamed up to offer assistance to students much like themselves and founded the “Basement Crew (BC) Scholarship.” The BC Scholarship is intended to help Carbondale Community High School students who plan to attend college upon graduating from high school.

Josh Lindberg, James Combs, Crosby Wright, Max Wolf, John Clark, and Payton Thompson along with Alex and Lane make up the group of friends who founded the BC Scholarship.

Their appreciation for their home town and high school experience was the biggest motivation for founding this scholarship to show their appreciation for all of the support they received. They acknowledge CCHS and the Carbondale community as the catalysts for what are sure to be eight successful careers as well as lifelong friendships.

Lane Dillard, a senior studying management, talked on behalf of the group of founders, “As we thought about ways to show our appreciation for all the support we received growing up, a scholarship seemed to be the best way to give back,” stated Dillard. “We often joke about the irony of still being in school and paying for it ourselves, as we offer a scholarship to others; but we realize that a scholarship represents more than just a dollar amount, it’s a reward for hard work and more importantly, it is an opportunity.”

The BC Scholarship currently doesn’t have any formal requirements for students to apply. Wanting to give every student the opportunity to apply for the scholarship, they decided to include it in the CCHS general scholarship application. From there, the guidance department passes along the applications along to the founders, were they then interview the top candidates and then vote to select a recipient. Personality, as it comes across on paper as well as in the interview, plays a vital role in choosing the recipient of the scholarship. While they currently only have one $500 scholarship to offer to students, they hope that in the future they will have the funds to offer multiple scholarships to deserving students.

Currently the founders are in their second year of awarding the scholarship with no intention to stop. Calvin Kolar, who is currently attending SIUC, was last year’s recipient of the BC Scholarship.