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Alumni share their professional experience with students

May 02, 2012, Nicole Trainor

${image-alt} EIR Kathy McDonald speaking to a class in Lawson Hall.

In the week leading up to the Spring Dean's External Advisory Board meeting, two Executive in Residences (EIR), Clint McDonnough and Kathy McDonald, spoke to classrooms to share their professional experiences with students. 

The Executive-in-Residence program sponsored by the College of Business is designed to supplement and enhance the classroom education of business students.  The program provides unique educational experiences as executives and practitioners share practical, real-world experiences that lend authenticity to the textbook learning provided by the College’s professors. 

An EIR is chosen from the ranks of corporate America, where the experiences of rising through the professional ranks yield a wealth of valuable information to share with the business students.  Executives-in-Residence can provide valuable resources to both faculty and students alike.  Research faculty find it useful to engage these executives in dialogues about what research the business world is interested in, and students gather basic information concerning entry into their careers and preparatory steps to take prior to graduation.

Clint McDonnough is the Dallas Office Managing Partner (OMP) for Ernst & Young LLP. In this role, he is responsible for leading all day-to-day practice operations in one of the firm's largest markets. This includes overseeing delivery of the highest levels of quality client service to Ernst & Young's numerous Dallas-based clients, as well as working with various leaders to provide a positive work environment for the firm's more than 1,200 employees.

As OMP, Clint also serves as the company's "face and voice" in the Dallas community. He is the firm's spokesperson on a variety of topics with local professional organizations and at numerous community events that support the firm's commitment to education and mentoring.

Kathy McDonald currently is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Prior to this, she was a marketer at Kraft Foods and Ameritech (now SBC), growing brands, launching new products, managing budgets and developing innovative promotion plans. Kathy formed a marketing consulting business, focusing on growing small businesses in a wide array of industries. She is also the co-author of CREATING YOUR LIFE COLLAGE: STRATEGIES FOR SOLVING THE WORK/LIFE DILEMMA (Three Rivers Press).

Along with the EIRs that came to the college, three of the Dean's External Advisory Board members, Betty Brennan, Susie Rashid, and Mickey Levitt, each came to campus early to share their professional experiences with students as well. To read more about the EAB members you may visit the EAB webpage.