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Students participate in online summer courses

July 23, 2012, Heather Willis


This summer, nearly 300 College of Business students took advantage of the onlinecourses. Approximately 35 students enrolled in the online Business and Administration Bachelor of Science degree-completion program (BNAD) took courses over the summer while the remaining participants were on-campus students who took one or more online courses offered through the online program. This is the first summer that on-campus students were enrolled in courses offered through the online program.

Online students have the option of completing exams on- or off-campus with the aid of a remote proctor. The remote proctor is a device containing a camera, microphone, finger pad scanner, and Internet browser which plugs into the USB-port of your computer. When the device is installed, it takes a picture of the student and scans his or her finger. Each time the student tests the remote proctor verifies the student's identity. During the exam, the camera records activity in the room while the microphone picks up sound. For added security, the computer is locked-down to prevent any other activity (web searches, open documents, etc.) during testing. Once the exam is complete, the video is uploaded and viewed by the online undergraduate program staff.

Online Undergraduate Program Manager Ann Pearson stated, "The online undergraduate program started in January of 2011 with eight students. We currently have 35 students actively enrolled with another 20 or more new students enrolling for fall 2012. It is exciting and rewarding to offer a program that reaches students who are unable to come to campus to complete their four-year degree. It is a pleasure to work with these motivated and determined individuals."

The online undergraduate degree-completion program is designed for students who have completed their general and core coursework requirements, either at a community college or another university, who want to complete their bachelor's degree of business and administration. For more information about the Online Undergraduate degree-Completion Program, please visit