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Dr. Mark Martinko speaks to doctoral students and faculty

October 11, 2012, Emily Morgan

${image-alt} Dr. Mark Martinko speaking with doctoral students and faculty members.

College of Business doctoral students and faculty welcomed guest speaker Dr. Mark Martinko on Thursday, September 27. His presentation, entitled “Attribution Theory in the Organizational Sciences,” focused on what individuals attribute successes and failures to, and the role these attributions play in the context of organizational behavior.

Dr. Pete Mykytyn, chair of the Department of Management said, “Dr. Martinko’s presentation on Attribution Theory was interesting and enlightening to me and the faculty and students who attended. Attribution Theory has a place for faculty and graduate students who may be involved in organizationally-focused research, as well as for faculty who teach in different disciplines.”

At Florida State University, Martinko held the position of Bank of America Professor of Management at Florida State University, where he worked with Dean Cradit in the College of Business. His areas of teaching include leadership, organizational behavior, philosophy of science, and attribution theory. Beginning February 2013, Dr. Martinko will join the faculty at the University of Queensland in Australia.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration program at Southern Illinois University attracts students from around the world. The program prepares highly qualified individuals for teaching and research positions in academic institutions and for research positions in business and government.  The Business Administration major areas of study for Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing are accepting applications for fall 2014.