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Placement Center introduces new online interviewing tool

February 27, 2013, Emily Morgan


The Business Placement Center is very excited to announce that College of Business students now have access to a new resource called InterviewStream.

InterviewStream is an online platform that allows students to practice their interviewing skills anywhere, anytime. Students are able to use a laptop with a webcam or an iPad to simulate a job interview by answering pre-recorded interview questions and practicing their non-verbal and verbal communication skills. Afterward, students can watch and review their responses, and also share with others via email. They can invite peers, professors, or mentors to complete an assessment on their interview. The site also provides custom questions for each major within the College of Business (Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing).

Matt Purdy, Associate Director of the Business Placement Center said, “InterviewStream is another way that the Business Placement Center works to serve our students in as many ways possible. Students can now practice their interview skills from the comfort of their living room!”

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