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Externship Series: Scott Polczynski, The St. Louis Rams

March 28, 2013, Emily Morgan


Scott Polczynski, a junior in Accounting from DuBois, Illinois, spent his Spring Break externing for the St. Louis Rams at their training facilities in Earth City, Missouri. Externships are part of a weeklong program administered through the SIU Alumni Association and the College of Business.

During his time with the Rams, Polczynski spent two days in the Accounting and Finance Departments, job shadowing the Vice President of Finance, Michael Naughton, and was able to see many different aspects of his job. He was also able to tour the facilities, and saw the practice field, the locker rooms, the meeting rooms, and the rest of the building.  

As an accounting major, Polczynski wanted the opportunity to work with a sports team to see how different areas of accounting can be applied in the sports world. The most valuable lesson he learned was that it can be very difficult to obtain a position in the sports industry, and that it can be extremely helpful to have a solid network.  

When asked what advice he would give to future externs, he said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for any company that you would like to work for. I really wanted to do something with sports, and it became a reality. Don’t think that a certain company is impossible because the Extern Coordinators will work as hard as they can to make it happen.”

For more information on externships or internships, please contact Matt Purdy in the Business Placement Center at mpurdy@business.siu.edu