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Management professor, alums publish research paper

May 01, 2013, Emily Morgan

${image-alt} Dr. William McKinley

Dr. William McKinley, Professor in the Department of Management, recently had a research paper exploring the relationship between unemployment and entrepreneurial intent, published in Entrepreneurial Research Journal. His two co-authors, Dr. Matt Wood and Dr. Craig Engstrom, both recently received their Ph.D. from SIU.

The paper developed a conceptual framework to investigate whether sources and duration of unemployment stimulate entrepreneurial intent. Drs. McKinley, Wood, and Engstrom then tested the framework with survey data and found that subjects who became unemployed through layoff or had been unemployed a long time showed higher entrepreneurial intent. 

McKinley stated, “We were surprised at the strength of the relationship between length of unemployment and entrepreneurial intent.  It was also surprising to us that this relationship was not conditional on the personality traits of the subject that we examined.” The co-authors think this result has interesting implications for understanding the factors that may motivate people to start new businesses.

This is not the first time that McKinley has worked with Drs. Wood and Engstrom, as Wood did his dissertation under McKinley’s supervision, and Engstrom was a student in his doctoral seminar.