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SIU College of Business recognized

November 07, 2013, Dustin Duncan | The Southern

${image-alt} Darla Karnes hands out test results to students in her Accounting 230 class. (Photo by Adam Testa/ The Southern)

The SIU College of Business earned the distinction of being one of the best business schools in the Midwest, according to the Princeton Review.

J. Dennis Cradit, Dean of College of Business and professor of Marketing, said this is a great honor because it shows students enjoy the university.

“This is a ranking system that is determined almost completely by students,” Cradit said. “To be ranked, it means our students have reported to the Princeton Review what they think of us.”

He added, “It is an indication that the students are appreciating what we are doing. Plus it is excellent advertising for the school.”

The SIU School of Business has an extensive profile on which is visible to anybody looking to start their undergraduate or graduate college career.

The profile includes information such as cost of tuition, student-to-faculty ratio, comments from the student surveys about courses, and much more information for students.

Dean Cradit said it nice to have an outside source give the university some help showing its best features.

“We constantly preach to parents and students about the quality of the student experience they will have here and how their success is the most important thing for us,’ said Cradit. “But it does help to have some outside validation.”

Cradit said the business school is trying some new things within the curriculum which will provide some new experiences for business students.

“We are trying to build to as many cross interdisciplinary experiences as we can,” Cradit said. “We are at the very beginning of this right now but our objective is to provide as many experiences as possible that are vital to business students.”