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Dave Gray conducts gamestorming workshop

November 14, 2013, Emily Morgan


Dave Gray

Dave Gray, author of “Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rule-breakers, and Changemakers” and “The Connected Company,” conducted a workshop Friday, November 8, at the Hub.

Gray is an advocate for incorporating gamestorming, a term used to describe the use of games for brainstorming, into the workplace. In his book about gamestorming, he shares strategies for turning complex ideas and information into visual ideas and stories. His second book, “The Connected Company,” showcases which approach companies can use to adapt and thrive in today’s ever-changing global marketplace.

Using ideas, practices, and solutions in his book, Gray focused on how to incorporate creativity and innovation into everyday business practices. 

At the workshop, Gray provided students with a drawing lesson, using his expertise to show that basic pictures and sketches can convey information, facilitate communication, and solve problems. He also had students participate in a collaborative brainstorming activity using Post-It notes.

Trevor Ward, an MBA student who attended the workshop, said, “I really enjoyed attending the Dave Gray workshop. He was an engaging speaker who allowed us to practice innovation through his creative activities. Dave showing us the "drawing alphabet" and how simple pictures can convey big ideas was definitely my favorite part.”   

For more information on Dave Gray or his books, please visit http://www.davegrayinfo.com/.