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Jamie McNutt

Associate Professor of Finance

Jamie McNutt

Rehn Hall, 130A
Office: 618 | 453-1417
Dept: 618 | 453-2459
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For Associate Professor of Finance Jamie John McNutt, joining the College of Business faculty in 2008 marked a true homecoming. 

McNutt was born and raised in Vandalia, Illinois, "population 7,100, the former state capitol of Illinois and the place where Abraham Lincoln began his career as a state legislator and where he received his license to practice law," he said.

Plus, McNutt is a three-degree graduate of SIU, earning a bachelor's degree in business economics and finance in 1997, an MBA in 1999 and a doctorate in finance in 2005. Since 2005, McNutt has been a faculty member of Rutgers School of Business in Camden, N.J.

"I decided to return to SIU because of the quality of the institution in general and the Department of Finance in particular. I find the congenial atmosphere among the faculty and students at SIU to be unparalleled in stimulating the learning and research environment," McNutt said.  Professor McNutt teaches financial markets and financial institutions.  He researches commercial banking, corporate finance, executive compensation and earnings management.  McNutt also serves as doctoral program coordinator for the Department of Finance.

"Interacting with students is by far the most enjoyable part of teaching for me," said McNutt who also enjoys cooking, playing guitar, fishing, hunting, mountain biking and hiking.

Obviously a fan of the outdoors, McNutt appreciates the high quality of life in southern Illinois.  "I think the first verse of the Green Acres (oddly enough, one of my favorite television shows as a kindergartener) theme song sums it up best: "Green acres is the place to be.  Farm living is the life for me.  Land spreading out, so far and wide.  Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside," he said.


  • Commercial Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Executive Compensation


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