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Jim Nelson

Associate Professor of Management

Jim Nelson

Rehn Hall, 208A
Office: 618| 453-7880
Dept: 618| 453-3307
Fax: 618| 453-7835

A self-described "Navy brat," Professor Nelson traveled extensively before arriving at SIU.

Born in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, he was raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Alameda, California, Guam and Long Beach, California.  He earned a bachelor of science from California Polytechnic State University and master's and doctoral degrees in information systems from University of Colorado at Boulder.

He has worked at the San Jose office of the IBM Corporation as a senior Programmer and has taught at The Ohio State University, The University of Utah, The University of Kansas and University of Colorado.

After all that, Nelson is happy to call the SIU College of Business home because "my colleagues in the management department are the most friendly, most helpful faculty that I've ever had the pleasure to work with," said Nelson.

Nelson's research interests are traditional, object-oriented, fuzzy, and instance-based data and process models; cognitive processes involved in learning and using object-oriented technology; and the business value of information technology, including managerial metrics for telecommunications and e-business.

Nelson is also a private pilot. He owns a small aircraft named "Juliet" that he "uses to visit family and friends all over the Midwest," he said.


  • Traditional, object-oriented, fuzzy, and instance-based data and process models
  • Cognitive processes involved in learning and using object-oriented technology
  • Telecommunications and e-business


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"Objective Quantification of IT Job Definitions Through Latent Semantic Categorization: With Use of Text Mining Software for Job Skill Categorization" Funded by the Pontikes Center, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Budget $2,300 awarded April 2007. (Co-PI with Chuck Litecky).

"Preconscious Quantum Shift Learning" Funded by the Dean's Summer Research Fellowship. Budget $1,500 awarded May 2004.

"Studies of IT Effectiveness and E-Business Performance" Funded by Boeing Commercial Aircraft. Budget $525,000 awarded January 2001. (Co-PI with Kay Nelson)

"The Business Value of Information Technology." Management of Technology Summer Grant, The University of Utah. Budget $6,000 awarded May 2000.

Nominated, SIU College of Business Undergraduate Teacher of the Year 2005-2006.

Fisher College of Business Undergraduate Teaching Award 2003: Distinguished teaching in major courses.

Finalist, Columbus Technology Council's Top Contributor to the Advancement of Technology (TopCAT) Award 2003. Outstanding Educator Advancing Technology.

Nominated, Fisher College of Business Pace Setters Award for Teaching 2003.