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John M. Pearson

Professor of Management

John M. Pearson

Rehn Hall, 217A
Office: 618| 453-7802
Dept: 618| 453-3307
Fax: 618| 453-7835

Dr. Pearson's favorite part of his job is the relationship with SIU students whom he describes as "hard working, honest individuals.  It makes interacting with them a rewarding experience and I enjoy working with younger individuals and helping them prepare for their future."

Dr. Pearson also has a passion for research. Currently, he is studying team building through technology, the positive and negative impact of internet technology, website design, and organizational decision making as related to technology investment.

A member of the College of Business faculty since 2001, Dr. Pearson won the Researcher of the Year Award in 2007, was nominated for the Outstanding Researcher Award in 2004 and 2006, and nominated for the Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award in 2002. From 1992 through 1994, Dr. Pearson was the recipient of the Extraordinary Teaching Award from the College of Business Administration at Kansas State University.

A native of Minnesota, Dr. Pearson earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Minnesota's St. Cloud State University and a doctorate in business administration from Mississippi State University.


  • Team building through technology
  • The positive and negative impact of internet technology
  • Website design
  • Organizational decision making as related to technology investment
  • CAIS Internet Banking Survey


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Researcher of the Year, College of Business, Southern Illinois University, 2007

Nominated for Outstanding Researcher, College of BusinessSouthern Illinois University, 2004, 2006

Nominated for Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher, College of BusinessSouthern Illinois University, 2002

Recipient of Outstanding Faculty Award from College of Business Executive Council (COBEC), St. Cloud State University, 1998

Recipient of Extraordinary Teaching Award from College of Business Administration, Kansas State University, 1992-1994.