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Lynette Knowles

Associate Professor of Marketing

Lynette Knowles

Rehn Hall, 233A
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Dept: 618| 453-4341
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Professor Knowles' first teaching experience was in Finland during the early 1980s, when she conducted conversational English classes for business students. "I truly enjoyed teaching," she said. After that, she never looked back.

A member of the College of Business faculty since 1988, Knowles said she most enjoys the "the friendliness down here. It makes being at SIU, within Carbondale and the broader area, even more rewarding," she said.

A native of Aurora, Knowles earned a bachelor of science and master of business administration from SIU, and master's and doctoral degrees in international business from The Ohio State University.

Though she's an expert on marketing, she is also intrigued by history. "Especially as ideas cause changes in socio-cultural environments world-wide, I think one needs to know how things have evolved to have a better understanding of things in the present," she said.


  • International business
  • International marketing
  • Marketing channels
  • Business-to-business marketing


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College of Business Research Honor Roll 1997