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Ann Pearson

Online Undergraduate Program Manager

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Rehn Hall, Rm 025
Office: 618 | 453-7901
Fax: 618 | 453-7961

Ann M. Pearson has been with the online undergraduate degree completion program for the College of Business since its inception in spring of 2011. Her current position allows her to integrate skills and knowledge gained over the years.

“It is a pleasure to offer this educational opportunity to students who are unable to come to campus,” she says.

Pearson manages the undergraduate online degree completion programs for the College of Business. She came to SIU with 20 years of work experience at educational institutions and in private industry. Her work experience includes stints as a programmer, systems analyst, Web developer, adult education technology instructor, software trainer and adjunct instructor. Adult learners are of special interest to her, and she enjoys facilitating their learning process.

Pearson chose to pursue a career in higher education because of the university environment. She says it was attractive to her as a young adult.

“I completed my first two years of college going to class in the evening while working full time,” she says. “The remaining two years took awhile to complete – almost 20 years. Learning as an adult was very engaging, and I appreciated an environment that was challenging and rewarding. To be able to support adult learning for others has been a very rewarding experience for which I am very grateful.”

Pearson moved with her family to southern Illinois in 2001. Soon after that, she decided to pursue her master’s degree (2005) and doctorate (2009) from the College of Business at SIU Carbondale. She has taught undergraduate business courses, including Computer Information Systems, Database Management, Wall Street to Main Street and Career Transitions, as well as the master’s-level System Analysis and Design course. She has been the recipient of three research grants and earned an honorable mention for The Decision Sciences Institute 2008 Outstanding Empirical Research Paper.


  • Online education
  • Information systems training and education
  • Innovation with information technology
  • Web site usability, functionality and service quality


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  • Member, Beta Gamma Sigma, an international honor society for business
  • The Asthagiri Chandra Sekaran Award for Most Outstanding Woman Ph.D. Candidate, April 2009
  • Mykytyn, K., Pearson, A., Paul, S., & Mykytyn, Jr., P. “The Use of Problem-Based Learning to Enhance MIS Education,” honorable mention for best empirical paper published in DSJIE (2007-2008), 39th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, Boston, November 2008
  • Doctoral Consortium Attendee, 39th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, Boston, November 2008
  • Outstanding MBA Student Award, 2006