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Michele Pomberg

Doctoral Student

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Rehn Hall, 218
Dept: 618 | 453-2289
Fax: 618 | 453-1411

Michele Pomberg started the accounting PhD program in 2009. After working in the corporate world and non-profit organizations in Germany and the United States, as well as teaching for a number of years, she decided it was time for a change. Ms. Pomberg thought that a career as a professor would give me the opportunity to combine her passion for research and teaching in a more flexible way. She has taught statistics and introduction to financial accounting. Her archival research focus is on management accounting, and in particular, international accounting. Ms. Pomberg is fascinated by the differences in accounting that still exist around the world and its remarkable research potential. In the future, she would like to teach classes in her area of interest-management and international accounting. In my spare time, she enjoys traveling.