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photo of Pulliam hall

Dean's Office

You are important to us. Our administrators, faculty and staff care about you and will give you the opportunities, the mentoring and the personal attention you need to succeed.


photo of Marc Morris

Marc Morris

Interim Dean and Professor of Accountancy
Rehn 120A
618 | 453-6805

photo of lashonda stewart

LaShonda Stewart

Associate Dean and Professor
Rehn 116A
618 | 453-6805

photo of Kim Little

Kim Little

Interim Assistant Dean of Student Services
Rehn 121
618 | 453-7956

Administrative Staff

Leslie Rheinecker

Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Rehn 114
618 | 453-6805

photo of Bruce Fisher

Bruce Fisher

Chief Information Officer
Rehn 114A
618 | 453-7964

photo of Danna Lewis

Danna Lewis

Lecturer (BUS Courses)
Rehn 112
618 | 453-7971

photo of Christie Mitchell

Christie Mitchell

Lecturer (BUS Courses)
Rehn 206A
618 | 453-2605

photo of Stephanie Parton

Stephanie Parton

Director of Development
Rehn 208A
618 | 453-5117

Daniel Smyth

Senior Business Manager
Rehn 110A
618 | 453-7962