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Our Mission Statement


The Southern Illinois University College of Business is committed to the highest standards of excellence in pursuing its three core academic functions of teaching, research and service.


From our uniquely situated rural location that draws students from both urban and small town settings, including students from diverse and underrepresented populations, we provide access to educational opportunities that empower students to compete in a global economy, as well as contribute to the economic development of our region. We maintain a culture of dedicated scholars who teach across three degree programs- undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D.- to offer transformational and relevant classroom experiences in a curriculum that integrates cutting-edge business knowledge and advanced technological tools. We support a comprehensive student experience with exceptional student services beyond classroom walls.

We support and celebrate discovery that pushes the boundaries of what is known and what has been done in the past. By recruiting, developing and retaining high quality faculty, we continue a tradition of knowledge creation through the production of basic and applied research with real business and societal impact. We develop innovative forms of pedagogy that expand our reach to new student populations and help assure the sustainability of our value to all stakeholders. We embrace collaborative cross-disciplinary research and teaching programs that integrate business with diverse fields of study from across the university, designed to address the emerging and evolving needs of our students, community, country, and world.

And, we do all this while holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and accountability, and with nothing less than a passionate commitment to change lives and help define the future.