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Doctoral Graduates - Accountancy

Daniel A. Ames

2009 Graduate

Dissertation: “Private Equity Executive Compensation.” 

Illinois State University

Christopher Becker

2013 Graduate

Dissertation: “Income Shifting among Option Intensive Firms in the 1990’s.” 

Coastal Carolina University

Leslie Blix

2017 Graduate

Dissertation: "Self-Esteem: Its Overall Effect on Professional Skepticism"

Sam Houston State University

David Breger

2016 Graduate

Dissertation: "The Hidden Advantage of Disaggregation in Substantive Analytical Procedures"

University of Wisconsin at River Falls

Bryan Cataldi

2014 Graduate

Dissertation: "Risky Business: How Revenue Measurement and Risk Disclosure Impact Equity Investors’ Value Judgment of Private Companies"

Butler University

Lisa Chen

2013 Graduate

Dissertation: “An Exploratory Study into the Adoption of Internet Banking in Mainland China.”        

Mark Edmonds

2016 Graduate

Dissertation: “The Invisible Fraud: The Impact of Inattentional Blindness on Auditor Fraud Detection"

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Nicole R. McCoy

2010 Graduate

Dissertation: “The Effects of Auditor-Client Relationships, Auditor-Auditor Relationships, and Persuasive Communication on Auditor's Objectivity.” 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Frank Nation

2014 Graduate

Dissertation: “The Effect of Perceived Deception on Auditor Judgment and Decision-Making During Analytical Procedures"

University of Illinois - Springfield

Yi Ren

2010 Graduate

Dissertation: “The Impact of Internal Revenue Code Section 162(M) On Pay for Performance: A Reexamination.”

Emily Seay

2016 Graduate

Dissertation: “An Audit Committee Members's Role in Audit Adjustment Disputes: The Effect of External Auditor Attachment on an Audit Committee Member's ASC 360 Adjustment Decisions"

Ohio University

Jaysinha S. Shinde

2010 Graduate

Dissertation: “Measuring CPA Social Responsibility at the Business Owner Level: Instrument Development and Validation.”

Katherine Sorenson

2017 Graduate

Dissertation: "Breaking Bonds: The Impact of Accountability on Client Indentification"

University of Memphis

Justin Stearns

2010 Graduate

Dissertation: “The Moderating Effects of the “Big Five” Personality Traits on the Relationship between Budgetary Participation and Motivation.” 

Austin Peay State University

Chanta Thomas

2015 Graduate

Dissertation: “What’s my Motivation: The Effect of Motivated Reasoning and Accountability on the Determination of Internal Control Effectiveness”

Rutgers University

Brandon Vagner

2017 Graduate

Dissertation: "The Effects of Knowledge Transfer on Complex Problem Representation and Judgment in Auditing"

Middle Tennessee State University