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Management Advisory Board

The Department of Management’s Board of Advisors has been in existence for more than 10 years.  It plays a vital role in helping to provide professional insight as pertains to the Department’s students.  Board members come from both profit and non-profit entities and represent varying disciplines such as healthcare, information technology, and consulting.  The varied interests and backgrounds of Board members helps to further the different specializations in the undergraduate degree program in the Department which include entrepreneurship, management of health-care enterprises, global e-business, personnel management, and supply chain management.

Specific objectives of the Board of Advisors include:

  • Provide an effective link between management education and management practice;
  • Promote good public relations and a positive image on behalf of the Department;
  • Identify and suggest opportunities for enhanced student and faculty development, such as involving internships, externships, and applied research sites;
  • Assist in fund raising for the Department