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Degrees in Management

Bachelor of Science

Management is the art of decision-making, supervision and strategic planning for effective use of physical and human resources to achieve high performance. The curriculum provides a broad exposure to the key functions of management. It helps develop technical, technological and human resource management skills needed in modern enterprises. The management curriculum develops valuable methods, tools, techniques and skills while emphasizing creative thinking and problem solving. Students can satisfy the general requirements of a management major and direct their programs of study toward several career tracks. These specializations include general management. There are five areas of specialization: (1) General Management, (2) Entrepreneurship, (3) Supply Chain Management, (4) Personnel Management, and (5) Management of Health-Care Enterprises. [For more information...]

Master of Business Administration

Students in both the traditional and online MBA programs develop greater understanding of their chosen field and become more prepared to take leadership roles and advance further in their company or industry. Students in the traditional (residential) program are able to choose a specialization, and Management is one option.  Courses in this specialization cover areas such as organizational behavior and theory, information management, change management and much more. [Read more details]

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy in business administration degree program is designed to prepare individuals for faculty research and teaching positions in academic institutions and for high-level administrative or staff positions in business, government, and other organizations. Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy in business administration degree must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of business and administration and high potential to undertake significant research. [Read more details]