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The main portion of the MBA Program is comprised of seven required core courses and four electives. Students may choose to take all of their electives in a particular area such as Finance and Marketing in fulfilling their electives or, take electives across areas to complete a general MBA. Students may request approval to take graduate-level electives (up to 6 credit hours) outside the College of Business to receive pertinent knowledge in areas not covered in the business curriculum. A list of required courses and a description of the courses follows.

This table details the MBA core requirements at the SIU College of Business
MBA Core Requirements
Core Area Course(s) Course Title Credit Hours
Accounting BA 510* Managerial Accounting & Control Concepts
Management BA 522 Operations Strategy for Global Competition
Finance BA 530 Financial Management
Management BA 540 Management & Org. Behavior
Marketing BA 550 Marketing Management
Management of Info Systems BA 560§ Management Information Systems
International Requirement

See note below‖

(Global Marketing, International Finance, or study abroad course)
Policies BA 598 Business Policies
Electives (4) (as chosen) (As chosen)

* Students with undergraduate degrees in accountancy must replace BA 510 with a 500-level ACCT prefix course.
† Beginning catalog year 2018-19.
 Students with undergraduate degrees in finance must replace BA 530 with a 500-level FIN prefix course instead.
§Ending catalog year 2017.
‖ One of the following on-campus courses (BA 581, BA 582) OR an approved international study abroad experience.

Description of MBA Core Courses
Number Course Description
BA 510
Managerial Accounting and Control Concepts — Basic cost concepts, measures, methods and systems of internal accounting useful for managerial planning, implementation, control and performance evaluation. Includes cost analysis relevant for non-routine decision-making. Prerequisite: enrollment in College of Business and Administration graduate program or consent of department, 410 and M.B.A. program "computer ability" foundation requirement met, or equivalent.
BA 522

Operations Strategy for Global Competition — Study of the development of competitive strategy for the operations function, how that strategy relates to organizational strategy and how the operations function can contribute to an organizations` competitive capabilities in the global marketplace. Restricted to enrollment in College of Business graduate program or consent of department. Note: this course will be part of the core requirement beginning Fall 2018, but is not part of the core for previous catalogs.

BA 530
Financial Management — Provide a broad overview of basic concepts, principles, and recent innovations in financial management. Topics covered will include risk and return, valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure and cost of capital, dividend policy, financial planning, international financial management and corporate restructuring. Prerequisite: enrollment in College of Business and Administration graduate program or consent of the department. 510 and economics foundation requirement. Finance 330 with a grade of C or better. Students who have had Finance 361 or its equivalent or were undergraduate finance majors are not allowed in 530 and should take a 500-level FIN prefix course instead.
BA 540
Managerial and Organization Behavior — Case analyses of human problems in the business organization. Application of findings of behavioral science research to organization problems. Development of direction and leadership skills. Prerequisite: enrollment in College of Business and Administration graduate program or consent of department, 440 or equivalent.
BA 550
Marketing Management — A managerial approach to the study of marketing. Emphasis is on the nature and scope of the marketing manager’s responsibilities and on marketing decision-making. Prerequisite: enrollment in College of Business and Administration graduate program or consent of department.
BA 560
Management of Information Systems — A survey of information system design, analysis and operations. Topics include systems concepts, systems analysis and design, database management, software and hardware concepts, decision support systems, expert systems, distributed processing and telecommunications and information systems planning. Applications of information technology will be emphasized. Prerequisite: enrollment in MBA program or consent of department, 452 or equivalent. Note: this course will not be part of the core requirement beginning Fall 2018.
BA 598
Business Policies — Study of the development and evaluation of business strategies and policies as they relate to the overall performance of the firm within its environment. Knowledge of the functional areas of administration, available business data and analytical tools will be utilized in solving comprehensive business cases and simulation games. Prerequisite: enrollment for past semester in M.B.A. program.